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Employee Appreciation Day

This Friday, March 6, is Employee Appreciation Day.

I’m willing to wager that somewhere in your desk drawer, in a nearby filing cabinet, or perhaps in a box at home, there is a note from a boss, supervisor, or manager who recognized you for your efforts. The message may not have been long, but it was authentic and spoke specifically to your contributions to the success of the organization.

Why did you keep it? Because we all want to be recognized for doing our best. And when people take time to acknowledge it in such a personal way, it has an amazing impact.


Here are some quick ideas on what to say to the valuable employee:

  • Mention how their efforts have enabled the team or organization to better succeed.
  • Highlight an instance where they went “above and beyond” in their service to customers or coworkers.
  • Talk about how their work has inspired others and be specific about what others did because of that inspiration.
  • Write about how you have seen them grow professionally. Mention a skill they now have that was not there when they came to the organization.
  • List some of the qualities they possess that makes them a positive presence within the organization.
  • Share positive comments you have heard others say about them.
  • Look back at some goals they said they had when they came to the company, and congratulate them on being so committed.

Self Discipline : (2)The Discipline of Daily Goal-Setting

Focus and concentration are the essential qualities for success.

a)Start by asking, “What do I really want to do with my life?” Ask this question over and over again until you get a clear answer.

b) Imagine that you had ten million dollars cash, but only ten years to live. What would you immediately do differently in your life?

c) Imagine that you have no limitations. That you could wave a magic wand and have all the time and money, all the education and experience, all the contacts you needed to achieve any goal. What would you do then?

d) Buy a spiral notebook and write in it every day .Begin by writing out ten goals in the present, positive and personal tense.

e) Every day before you start of rewrite your top ten goals in the present tense, as though you had already achieved them and you were reporting on this success to someone else. Rewrite your goals without looking back to the previous page. Rewrite them from memory. Watch how they grow,develop and change over time as you rewrite them each day. Many people have said that the discipline of daily goal setting has transformed their life and far faster than they had even imagined.

Self-Discipline.(1)Clear Thinking

The Discipline of Clear Thinking:

  • Take time to think though the critical issues and problems in your life. Put aside long, unbroken chunks of time, thirty, sixty and then ninety minutes.
  • Sit quietly for 30-60 minutes to think. Practice solitude on a regular basis. “Go into the silence.”
  • Whenever you practice solitude for more than thirty minutes, you activate your super conscious mind and trigger your intuition. You get it right from the “still, small, silent voice within.”
  • To think better, take a pad of paper and write down every detail of the problem situation you are facing. Sometimes, the right thing to do immerges as you write down the details.
  • Aristotle once said that wisdom (The ability to make good decisions) is a combination of experience plus reflection. The more time that you take to think about your experiences, the more vital lessons you will gain from them.
  • Go for a walk or exercise for 30-60 minutes. Very often when you are exercising, you will get insights or ideas that help you to think better and make better decisions.
  • Talk your situation over with someone else who you like and trust, and who is not emotionally in­volved. Very often, a different perspective can totally change your viewpoint.
  • Always ask, “What are my assumptions?” What is it that you are assuming to be true about the situation?
  • What if your assumptions were wrong? What if you were preceded on the basis of false information?


Always be open to the possibility that you could be completely wrong in your current course of action. Be open to doing something completely different.

12 Dirty Habits That Prevent You From Developing Exceptional People Skills

Chances are, if you’re not very successful at dealing with people, you haven’t had the chance to properly educate yourself. Learning to deal with people is like learning to walk except it requires a lot more work!

Now imagine if your whole life you had been taught to walk backwards. Would this make your life much more difficult? Of course it would. Just like anything else, you need to learn exactly how to interact with people the proper way.

Here we go: here are the 12 dirty habits you should always avoid

Dirty Habit #1 –Looking down at the floor when speaking to someone. You must learn to look at someone directly in their eyes when speaking to them. If you were taught that staring at people was impolite, you’re absolutely right. However, this does not mean you can’t look at someone in his or her eyes.

Dirty Habit #2 – Slouching when you’re standing or sitting down. Stand up straight. In our society being tall is a good thing. When you slouch you appear much shorter. Not only will standing straight make you look taller but it will also give you a confident look.

Dirty Habit #3 –Frowning and not smiling enough. No one likes to spend time with someone who’s in a bad mood. If you’re not feeling too great then try to keep your distance. People love to spend time with upbeat, optimistic people. Make an effort to smile, not frown.

Dirty Habit #4 – Avoiding strangers. Since the day you were born, your parents have taught you never to speak to strangers. Well, you’re a grown up now and things have changed. In order to develop exceptional people skills you need to be comfortable speaking to all types of people. You need to meet as many people as you can.

Dirty Habit #5 – Making a poor first impression. Did you know that people will judge almost everything about you just by your first impression? Make an initial effort to get along with the person you are meeting and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Dirty Habit #6 – Not making an effort to speak well. In order to develop great people skills you need to become a great conversationalist. This doesn’t mean you need to speak a lot; this means you need to speak well. You need to articulate and choose your words wisely. Basically, you need to listen to what you’re saying and not just blabber on about whatever you feel like.

Dirty Habit #7 – Not being a good listener. Have you ever noticed how you tend to fall into a mind drift as soon as the other person begins to speak? Okay, well if you really don’t care about the person, then fine. But if you do, make an effort to listen and let the person speak. It will only help you further on in the conversation.

Dirty Habit #8 – Not staying in touch with your acquaintances. To make sure you have the best relationships with all of the people you know, you must stay in touch with them. You need to regularly check your contact list and remind them all that you still exist. I’m not saying to call them up twice a week but an occasional check up is always nice.

Dirty Habit #9 – Not being proactive. When there is not enough action and things are looking dull, it’s up to you to make a move. If you aren’t satisfied with the current situation don’t blame others, do something about it! Let’s face it: no one really cares if you’re unhappy, except maybe your mom…

Dirty Habit #10 – Not enjoying your social life. If you want people to enjoy your company, you need to let them know that you’re a fun person to spend time with. If you’re a hard worker, then I congratulate you! However, you need to occasionally go out and be known for your excellent nights out! Go out and live your life to the fullest!

Dirty Habit #11 – Not facing your fears. Actually, this relates to all aspects of your life but in this context I’m talking about meeting new people, career promotions, etc. If you need to do something logical but your emotions are getting in the way, then you need to analyze the situation and use some common sense.

Dirty Habit #12 – Refusing to be open minded. There are all kinds of people out there. There are different religions, different races, different cultures, and different languages. Learn to accept others for who they are not who you want them to be. Give them your full respect and work out your differences unless of course you aren’t receiving the respect you deserve




The Winner is always part of the answer The loser is always part of the problem
The Winner always has a program Losers always has an excuse
The Winner says “it may be difficult  , but is possible” The Loser says” it may be possible, but it is too difficult”
Winners are part of the team Losers are apart  from the team
Winners see gains Losers see Pains
Winners are like thermostat Losers are like thermometer
Winners are clock builders Losers are like time tellers
Winners stand firm on values and compromises on business strategies; Losers stand firm on business strategiesand compromises on values
When a winner makes a mistake, he says,“I was wrong”. When a loser makes a mistake, he says “it is not my fault”…
Winners have dreams Losers have schemes
Winners have Committments Losers make schemes
Winners says”I must do something” Losers says” Something must be done”
Winner does not take decision only on the basis of his personal perceptions, he listens to others before taking decisions; Losers takes decision without listening to others, he feels that he is always right

The decision is yours whether you want to be a winner or remain a loser by choosing the right attitude of positive or negative.

Get the New Year off to a flying start

January can be a very difficult time of the year for managers and company leaders in many different ways.

It’s the time of year where people come back from work lacking that extra bit of motivation or spark. It can be a real challenge for managers to ensure that morale within the office gets back up to speed as soon as possible when people return from their annual leaves.

I have years of personal experience of just how the start of a new year can affect people and the way they feel about their jobs.

It is natural for people to be looking for a new challenge or a change of career around this time.It tends to be a time for reassessment for both employees and for company leaders.

In these increasingly competitive and challenging times no one can afford to let standards drop. In a tough market place like that of ours, no one should let their rivals get an advantage over them so being prepared for January is key.

From a personal point of view I always try to find some time on my own to reflect on the past 12 months. I look at both the successes and failures of the previous year so I can analyse what I did well and where I could have improved my own personal performance.

I think it’s really important to get the year off to a flying start and I try and inject some life and motivation into the office as soon as possible.

You can do this in a number of ways for example you could organise a brain-storming session for managers to ignite debate and ideas on what could be improved for the year ahead.

You could also put a general meeting in the diary for all staff to underline what is expected of them for the next 12 months.

And don’t forget, staff assessments are also a good opportunity for instilling some energy into the workplace and can highlight issues that can be worked on over the year.

Overall, the beginning of a new year is a moving time to make sure the business and your team are fit and ready to face the challenges ahead.

The Power of Perceptions

The roles of perceptions in our life are not only scientific but also spiritual .Perceptions are like our inner lenses and what we see outside is a reflection of what is inside. SO, if you see and experience issues in your life, there is an issue inside you which needs to be resolved, this could be your thoughts and beliefs. So if I carry a belief that the world is a tough place to live, my lens will show me toughness. One way of working with our perception is to be conscious of our inner talk, which a lot of people term as ‘clutter’. Yes, it is a clutter if one is not conscious, with consciousness the illusion of clutter breaks!!!!!
Observe the internal dialogue within and direct it to the talk that you intend to have/desire. Every time you face a challenge observe your inner dialogue. Is it saying ‘oh, my God!, it tough’ or what am I going to do? If you are unable to catch your inner talk, be conscious of the emotions as thoughts produce emotions and change the inner dialogue into a positive one.
It has also been proven that our unresolved emotions and negative beliefs are projected into our physical world in the form of situations and mostly other people and their behavior in your Life!!! Now, this is spiritual and quite difficult to accept, but once you understand this and accept it, it would be Life transforming. E.g. If you have someone close to you in your Life who has a high ego that means there is still ego inside you which has to be resolved. IF you are experiencing short tempered people in your life, there is still unresolved anger inside you. If you see a lot of helpless people, there is still helplessness inside you which needs to be resolved!!!!! Normally, that part of you which is unresolved is projected out, sometimes in an amplified format. What do you think people behave differently with different people? At a base level thinking it’s about people they like, closeness of relationship etc…but on a spiritual level their behaviour is projecting your inner self, it’s the best feedback mechanism. SO, the outside world and the people in your Life and their behaviour are perfect feedback mechanism for us as they all reflect our inner self. If you find peace everywhere and peaceful people in your life, there is peace within you. So, people in our life help us with the highest levels of self introspection, though ignorantly through their ignorant good/bad behaviour . In short, the answers to all that we need is within us, introspect, see what kind of behaviours surround you, identify the negative ones outside and identify them inside you, repeat the opposite positive belief sentence and start resolving yourself to resolve the world you see and experience.
“I always Expect the Best, Deserve the best and Attract the Best” – A very powerful belief statement for all to use. God Bless

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