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How You Can Find More Humor @ work.

 We spend considerable time working at a hectic pace in our corporate life. In such stressful climes it goes without saying that we need a little break to relax, catch our breath even have a laugh or two. In fact, laughing heartily even when there is nothing particularly amusing, is good for health as it has the same effect as physical exercise since it increases heart & respiration rates, oxygenates the system and reduces stress hormones. Here is how you can find more humor at work.

Smile: It’s not only the most inexpensive way to improve your looks but also helps in creating a positive, friendly & approachable image of yourself among others.


Perspective: Lighten up! Learn to see the lighter side of things specially in tense situations which are about to escalate to a full blown verbal exchange. You will be surprised how much we get unnecessarily bogged down with the seriousness of things.


Reading Material: Logon to any of the zillions websites available for funny jokes, quotes, cartoons, ads, etc. for a daily dose of laughter. Less privileged ones can either have access to a colleague’s internet facility or keep similar reading material handy including book, newspaper, magazines, desk calendar, etc.


Reach Out: Call your friend to share or remind a silly joke or situation both of you enjoyed. Do make sure though he/she is not in the middle of a serious business meeting.


Imagination: Relive any funny moment from the past or simply fall back on your good old creative imagination to make a few situations of your own.


Practical Jokes: Culture permissible, pulling a prank every now then can bring life to the otherwise sober moods but only if you are confident of getting another job relatively quickly.


Network: Tap into any of the friends/colleagues email networks to effortlessly receive regular humorous material. Just remember, once the ‘tap’ of incoming emails start flowing, there is no turning it off and this is no laughing matter.


Spread Sunshine: If you are blessed with a genuine sense of humor (no assumptions please), spread smiles to your life & those around by cracking jokes, mimicry or throwing catchy one liners. Trust me, they look up to you to provide some respite.


In the end its important to remember life is short and we mustn’t waste it by missing out on the good times. As they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and its ALL small stuff”.

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