Employee Recognition

The goal of employee recognition is to show appreciation for an employee’s achievement and to motivate employees to continue good performance and their commitment to the company.A good employee recognition program helps an organization retain key employees and keep job satisfaction at a high level.

What Employee Recognition Is…..

  • Acknowledgment of an employee’s achievement.
  • It may take the form of a monetary reward or a non monetary reward

Why Employee Recognition Is Important because……

  • Helps to attract and retain employees
  • Motivates employees to perform at higher levels
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increases healthy employee competitiveness
  • Increases company revenues and profitability and improves quality of business  & services
  • Improves safety &Lowers stress
  • Reduces absenteeism & turnover costs

Types of Employee Recognition

  • Years of service
  • Attendance
  • Completion of certifications or degrees
  • Being voted employee of the month, week, year
  • Performance
  • Suggestion program ideas

Recognition Based on Performance

  • Go  beyond what is expected in their job
  • Suggest a new process or idea that saves time or effort or positively affects the department or team

Ways to Recognize Employees

  • Verbal, written or formal praise
  • Opportunities to attend conferences or training sessions
  • Monetary award or bonus pay
  • Recognition luncheon
  • A gift of company logo items or trophies.

About Fuwad Junaidi

My professional qualifications include a sound understanding of HR policies and processes coupled with the requisite technical expertise for resolving complex functional business issues across a wide spectrum of HR modules... Furthermore my experience as a Human Resources Professional in different organizations has prepared me for the challenges associated with a deep involved in management and development of Human Resources career strategies. I had developed Standard Operating Procedures for the entire HR processes that are being implemented successfully in order to meet organizational needs... Specialties HR Policy Formulation(Designing& Implementation) Job Evaluation Recruitment & Selection(Manpower Demand & Supply analysis,Recruitment Cycle layout,Interviewing,Selection,Orientation & Placement) Training & Development( Training Need Analysis,Training Design,Implementaion &Evaluation) Performance Management Employee Relations HR Data Maintenance Organizational Development

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