Employee Appreciation Day

This Friday, March 6, is Employee Appreciation Day.

I’m willing to wager that somewhere in your desk drawer, in a nearby filing cabinet, or perhaps in a box at home, there is a note from a boss, supervisor, or manager who recognized you for your efforts. The message may not have been long, but it was authentic and spoke specifically to your contributions to the success of the organization.

Why did you keep it? Because we all want to be recognized for doing our best. And when people take time to acknowledge it in such a personal way, it has an amazing impact.


Here are some quick ideas on what to say to the valuable employee:

  • Mention how their efforts have enabled the team or organization to better succeed.
  • Highlight an instance where they went “above and beyond” in their service to customers or coworkers.
  • Talk about how their work has inspired others and be specific about what others did because of that inspiration.
  • Write about how you have seen them grow professionally. Mention a skill they now have that was not there when they came to the organization.
  • List some of the qualities they possess that makes them a positive presence within the organization.
  • Share positive comments you have heard others say about them.
  • Look back at some goals they said they had when they came to the company, and congratulate them on being so committed.

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