Self Discipline : (2)The Discipline of Daily Goal-Setting

Focus and concentration are the essential qualities for success.

a)Start by asking, “What do I really want to do with my life?” Ask this question over and over again until you get a clear answer.

b) Imagine that you had ten million dollars cash, but only ten years to live. What would you immediately do differently in your life?

c) Imagine that you have no limitations. That you could wave a magic wand and have all the time and money, all the education and experience, all the contacts you needed to achieve any goal. What would you do then?

d) Buy a spiral notebook and write in it every day .Begin by writing out ten goals in the present, positive and personal tense.

e) Every day before you start of rewrite your top ten goals in the present tense, as though you had already achieved them and you were reporting on this success to someone else. Rewrite your goals without looking back to the previous page. Rewrite them from memory. Watch how they grow,develop and change over time as you rewrite them each day. Many people have said that the discipline of daily goal setting has transformed their life and far faster than they had even imagined.


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