General Recruitment SWOT Analysis

The HRM Function has to prepare the Recruitment SWOT Analysis to know the position of the internal and external recruitment process in comparison with the competition on the job market.

The Recruitment SWOT Analysis should be prepared just by the HRM Function with the potential validation from the line management as the line management tends to over or underestimate the real position of the organization on the job market.

The areas covered in the Recruitment SWOT Analysis should cover the following areas:

  • External market position – the supply of the potential hires, universities in the area, modern industries, etc.
  • External position of the organization – the feeling of the external audience about the organization (brand name, generally known as a good employer and many other factors)
  • Agencies – the recruitment agencies operating in the area and their potential, the Recruitment SWOT Analysis should also cover the agencies cooperating with the organization
  • Employees in the HRM Function and their seniority – every important aspect for the Recruitment SWOT Analysis as the mature HR Employees can handle the recruitment process better and they can react quicker to the changed conditions
  • Processes in the recruitment and selection area
  • Budget available – money can help a lot, but the HRM Function has to make an appropriate estimate of the available budgets at the competitors as it limits the chance to bring an innovative solution
  • Creative mind – the mindset of HR employees
  • Corporate Culture – the corporate culture can support many job candidates to apply for the position with the organization as it can fit their personal preferences and needs

The list of areas for coverage in the Recruitment SWOT Analysis is not a definite one, the concrete situation in the organization can easily generate other topics, which has to be covered, the list contains just the most important ones.

The role of the Recruitment SWOT Analysis is not to confirm the position of the organization on the job market, the SWOT Analysis is a tool for finding creative answers to the issues, the recruitment process can face.

The recruitment SWOT Analysis can help the HRM Function to identify gaps and opportunities in the recruitment and staffing process to improve the process and to increase the ability of the organization to compete on the job market.


About Fuwad Junaidi

My professional qualifications include a sound understanding of HR policies and processes coupled with the requisite technical expertise for resolving complex functional business issues across a wide spectrum of HR modules... Furthermore my experience as a Human Resources Professional in different organizations has prepared me for the challenges associated with a deep involved in management and development of Human Resources career strategies. I had developed Standard Operating Procedures for the entire HR processes that are being implemented successfully in order to meet organizational needs... Specialties HR Policy Formulation(Designing& Implementation) Job Evaluation Recruitment & Selection(Manpower Demand & Supply analysis,Recruitment Cycle layout,Interviewing,Selection,Orientation & Placement) Training & Development( Training Need Analysis,Training Design,Implementaion &Evaluation) Performance Management Employee Relations HR Data Maintenance Organizational Development

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