The Attractive Internal or External Job Poster

Many organization do promote their vacancies internally or they just simply put a flyer to the windows of the company to promote their vacancies to the public audience. Generally, this approach is fully correct, but the flyers are usually very BORING.

The boring job advertisement can kill an even very good position. The people are not interested to read long articles and to know all the exciting details about the job position. The HR Marketing can help a lot to point out several important things and to make the advert look interesting enough to gain the attraction.

The HRM Function has to use the same techniques as a real marketing uses to be visible. The job market is under the pressure and the best candidates are very hard to find. Not using the attractive job posting and job posters is a huge mistake in the overall recruitment strategy.

The job poster has to be visible and it has to bring some new idea to the candidate. The idea behind is very important as the candidate can have something to remember and to use it as a reference later. The interesting job poster or job posting has to overcome the time haul between the “seeing” and “action”. People usually have no chance to react immediately, they need some time. They need to remember the offer and they have to write an email or apply using the company website.

Need an attractive job poster inspiration? 

The role of the attractive job poster is very important for successful and efficient job posting. The organization does not have to invest large amounts of money into the development of the job posters, but it has to find an idea as a driver.

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